What Youth?

Jorel - 18 - Calikid

Forget what no longer matters and let's love until there isn't any left to give.


"I shall go on shining as a brilliantly meaningless figure in a meaningless world."
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via teenager90s)

Since school ended things have been hectic.  But as of right now i’m happy with my job and college is going well.  Relationship wise I’ve let go of people who weren’t being real, loyal friends.  Why profess all this loyalty to people who really don’t care?  But other than that, if there’s something I learned in the past year it would simply be to stay true to yourself, veritas.  The truth naturally keeps us genuine and when we’re true to ourselves we live life so much more fluidly.  There’s so much to do in life that we should always seek for more than what we already seem to have.  

Everything’s going well right now.